xRAILEYxYT's Staff Application


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May 21, 2019
Good Day Staff Of The Server,
SteamID: (Minecraft server)
Rank:Im Currently A Member
Age: Just Tured 14 last april
Server: VedianGaming
Position: Staff (Moderator/Helper) Where ever i fit the most
Past Experience: I have tried to own a server and got staff on some servers
Why do you want to become staff on the server?: I would like to become a member of the staff team on the server Vedian Gaming because I know that I can help improve the server. I will also try my best for this server to be in a state of where tons of people are online playing towny and having fun. And I really really want to help the server out.
why should we accept you?: as I said I know a lot in Minecraft servers because of my experiences with plugins and sorts and I will dedicate my self and my time for the server
Have you been banned on any other servers and why?:I actually haven't been banned on any server before I have always played with a good behavior and with a polit manner and I haven't also used any hacked or illegal clients
Recommendations and any other notes:
Uhm, I already recommended a plugin that is better that the prefixes being used at this time

Thx For Reading My Application And Have A GoodDay
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Mar 10, 2020
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