Trevornation's Staff Application

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Jul 7, 2019
In Game Name: Trevornation

SteamID (Not needed for Minecraft servers):

Rank(Member, Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, Gold VIP, Diamond VIP, Platinum VIP) platinum

Past Warnings or Bans on our server?:No

If Yes, what for? How have you learned from your mistakes?:N/A

Discord Name (include tag):Trevorthebeast13#6619

Age (Must be 14 or older to apply):15

Server you are applying for: VedianGaming

Position you are applying for:Mod

Do you have any past experience with holding a staff position? Yes, I was staff for pythosgaming until it shutdown. was also a senior mod on a prison rp. was a staff for a mod on a starwarsrp

Why do you want to become staff on this server? (3-6 sentences) I want to help build things in general to help make the server look nice. I also want to help new players, so they can feel comfortable in the server. I like to help those who are in need. Lastly I want to help this server grow

Why should we accept you? (3-6 sentences) The reason why you should accept is because I want to help and be part of this community as staff. I'm going to make a town soon so that when new players join they can have a good start. Like I said from before I am also experience as staff on 4 servers.

That is why you should accept me.

Have you been banned on any other servers and why?No

How often have you been on the server?about a week

how often will you be on the server? 12-9pm or more

Recommendations and any other notes:Nope.
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